Our Story

Hi! I'm Andi, the owner of Stari Lane Jewelry.  I'm just a girl who loves to travel. I'll go anywhere, any time, but my heart lives in Eastern Europe. In many Slavic languages the word "stari" (or stare, or stara) means old, as in "Stari Grad" (Old Town) or "Stari Most" (Old Bridge). Stari Most in Mostar, Bosnia, is the iconic bridge you see in the shop logo. The name Stari Lane conjures up images of wandering through the winding streets in Prague, or the little lanes of artisans in Sarajevo. Those feelings are my inspiration for everything I do, including this shop. I'm looking to curate pieces I love for kindred spirits who want to wear their wanderlust along with me.

(This is one of my favorite shots from my travels, in Riga, Lativa)